Why Roulette is More Popular in Europe

Why Roulette is More Popular in Europe
Roulette is one the most interesting casino gambling game and played almost all over the world where gambling is legal. Most people who are actually not aware of gambling in online casinos, are also have some knowledge of roulette game.

The roulette game was actually developed in Europe and first time accommodated in casino in 1842 with a single zero roulette wheel. This is popularly known as European version of game roulette and which has house advantage of 2.7%. Roulette game is still played in uk casino. In the past when game reached to America, it was not too much popular.

However they have made changed in roulette wheel and two zero slot are made available in roulette. The game is known as double zero roulette. This provides the house advantage 5.26%. That is why roulette is more popular in Europe because it gives more advantage to the players. Many American top casinos now offer both versions of the game.

The development of the internet casino and free casinos has attracted many Americans to single zero versions of the game. The only difference in the game is the single zero the roulette wheel. In single zero roulette game players have more chance to win with its more favorable house advantage.

Most players who have experience and knowledge of roulette game always prefer UK online casino because these are the best casinos for playing roulette where players have more chance to win. So more and more players play single zero version of roulette game.

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