Tips for Selecting a Slot Machine

Tips for Selecting a Slot Machine
Slot is also very popular csino game and it is very simple game. lots of online casinos are also available to play slot games online.

• You want to find the loose slots to play. You don’t want to sit at the first machine that you find and play.

• Look around the casino and study the layout. Look for areas that are more visible than others. Study the traffic pattern.

• Try to think like the slot manager. Where would you place the high payout machines if you were the slot manager and wanted them where they would attract the most customers?

• Eliminate areas immediately around the gaming tables and the sportsbook bar area.

• Eliminate areas around the rest rooms or areas where people tend to wait (intermission from a show, restaurant entrances, etc.)

• When you define the most likely areas to have a loose machine, then go to the area and check it out.

• Avoid playing next to a player playing a hot machine. The loose slots are scattered throughout the casino, not clumped in one spot.

• Select a machine that you think might be in an area where a loose slot might be.

• Try a machine. If it doesn’t pay in the first ten or fifteen pulls, find another machine.

• Test the machine. Play forty or fifty coins and calculate the percentage payout that you received. If it is 75 – 80%, you will probably want to play the machine again.

• If it is less than 75%, find another machine and repeat the test. Lots of free casinos are also available to play slot.

• Limit your losses by sticking to your predetermined bankroll amount.

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