The Gambler’s Edge

The Gambler’s Edge
By Ray Walkoczy
The Gambler’s Edge are the advantages you the player have over the casino in any game of chance. It’s been said…."casino games were not designed to favor the player." How else could it be a $40 billion dollar a year business in the U.S. alone?
The reason for this is a simple one. Every game that is offered has a built in advantage for the casino. This advantage is referred to as the "house percentage."
The "percentage" is the difference between the probability of an outcome as opposed to the actual payoff the house pays on a winning wager. That small “spread” is what creates such enormous profits for the casino industry as a whole.
It is also a common belief that no system can overcome a negative percentage over the long run and that every system player must eventually lose. Although it’s true that the house seldom loses over an extended period of time, the reasons for this are not as clearly understood.
Playing The Odds
While it’s true the odds against winning on all casino games is tilted in favor of the house, there are a number of table games that offer the player tremendous opportunity to walk away a winner on a consistent basis.
To accomplish this, there are a some very specific steps that must first be followed.
I’ve always struggled to understand why anyone would gamble, putting their hard earned money at risk, without a thorough understanding of the games they’re playing. Depending on hunches or guess work and the occasional elusive lucky streak to determine whether they win or lose is not a strategy.
There are several table games offered by the casinos that are extremely low percentage plays. These games give you a better than even chance to win huge amounts of money. So why are there so many losers?
The biggest reason is the amount of effort involved in learning the proper methods that work.Learning the correct playing strategy, learning which wagers to make and certain relatively uncomplicated money management techniques can take a little time. Not a lot of time or effort mind you…. but some. If winning is important to you, it’s well worth it.
The 4 Best Casino Games For Winning
There are four low percentage casino games that can give you the player’s edge and the best chance of winning. These top 4 casino games are as follows:
Blackjack… In learning to play a perfect "Basic Strategy" without any hesitation would mean you would be playing a dead even game with the casino. In Blackjack, the games percentages continually alternate between the dealer and the player depending on the cards that have been removed from the deck. During any session of play there are times when you will have the advantage over the house… no "card counting" required.
Baccarat… With only two decisions to make, wagering on either the “Player” hand or the “Bank” hand, Baccarat lends itself perfectly to many of the betting systems and progressions for even-money wagers. The "casino’s percentage" on the “Player” hand is -1.26% and on the “Bank” hand it’s only 1.16%. Such a low house edge can be readily beaten. It has the lowest percentage of any of the casino games.
Craps… Although the mathematics of craps and the large number of bets available tends to be a little overwhelming, the basic bets, “pass line,” “don’t pass line” and “come bets” in craps give you an incredible low -1.41% percentage to overcome. With the addition of the “odds" wagers to these lowers the negative percentage of the overall bet down to .6%. Granted, there is a learning curve, but the financial rewards are astonishing given the small amount of effort and practice required. As a winning craps player for more than 40 years in live action casinos (and more recently in online casino games) you’d have a difficult time telling me that you can’t win playing craps.
Roulette… The game of roulette has exploded in popularity with the growth of online casinos. Even with the slightly greater -5.26% casino percentage, there are playing strategies and betting progressions that make roulette one of my favorite casino games. With a much more relaxed pace and low betting minimums there’s no reason to avoid the wheel. I always have a great time when I’m winning, no matter what game it’s at.                                                                                                                                                                                     It’s important to note that with online casinos you find here give you free access to the European version of Roulette that reduces the house percentage by as much as 50% in relation to the American style roulette game. When given the choice you should always play the European version of roulette.
Follow These Simple Steps
Learn the odds associated with the game(s) you’re interested in playing and understand the risks involved.Use an intelligent money management system for determining your session bankroll to maximize winnings and protect your capital.Learn the correct playing strategy for each game you play.Always have a pre-set budget and do not exceed it. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose.ALWAYS quit playing when you are winning.
You will find a breakdown of the odds of each of these games, a complete explanation of money management/proper bankroll guidelines and highly effective playing systems for each of these games on this site. Take some time check out your favorite games.
You’ll find everything you need here to make you a winning player.
If everyone lost when gambling at casino games they would quickly cease to exist.
The truth is that casinos like winners. The winners and the stories they tell are what attract all the new players. Since it is a percentage of all the money wagered that constitutes their profits, new players are the lifeblood of the casino gambling industry.
Being a winning player is not that difficult if you always use the "gambler’s  edge." I have found that the winners will do whatever it takes to win… no excuses.
If you resolve today that you will learn everything you need to in order to win consistently, you’ll soon see how easy it is the next time you do decide to try your luck. Wishing you the very best of luck always.

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