Set up a home casino for under $40

Set up a home casino for under $40

The other day, I was wandering around Big W, which is like Australia’s version of Carrefour, when guess what I saw selling for a mere $13?

Card shuffling machines! What’s more they are battery operated! Slot your cards in, push a button and the thing will (I imagine) start to make whirring noises like the evil card shuffling machines at casinos.

This could come in handy at home blackjack games and illegal gambling dens.

Or you could buy it for your kids and give them a head start.

Fine, it looks a bit cheap and plasticky.

A few aisles down, just beside the Barbie dolls, they were also selling this!

Deluxe poker set for a mere $19.97! Looks presentable enough for home poker games.

The metal box looks like it could contain a gun or ransom money. Should try carrying it through customs.

To these items (okay maybe not the card shuffling machine) you just need to add 2 six-packs (of beer not muscle) and 20 packets of instant noodles, and voila! A houseful of happy guests!

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