Safe Online Casino Gambling a Goal of Irish Government

Safe Online Casino Gambling a Goal of Irish Government
Ireland is establishing a committee under the Minister of Justice to license and regulate casino gambling. The new branch will create a bill setting a new national gambling code, which will oversee private clubs hosting gaming as well as online casinos.

Minister Dermot Ahearn told the Irish Times the government wants to ward against problem gambling, money laundering, and child involvement, while still writing “a modern, responsive code that recognizes the fact that some people gamble and enjoy gambling”.

One part of the proposal would establish rules and regulations for the fifty or more private clubs that act as de facto casinos. The methods and laws for online casinos will be decided once a review of possible opportunities can be conducted by the committee.

Reports from studies done by the gaming industry and the government indicate Ireland could create as many as 13,000 jobs with a well-regulated and legalized Internet casino industry. As much as $350 million in revenue might be available.

Internet gambling observers noted the government’s acceptance of the reality of people’s desire to gamble, both online and at casinos. The goal of a transparent, honest gaming system devoid of crime was hailed by several commentators as praiseworthy compared to such blunders as the US UIGEA.


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