Rules and Strategies to Play Online Craps for Beginners

Rules and Strategies to Play Online Craps for Beginners

Online Craps

Craps is one of those games which take you to a different world of enjoyment. The craps game is an attention seeker game on the gaming floor, because of its complex betting conditions. It is a fairly simple game to play when you become aware of all the rules and regulations associated with it.

Craps is a simple game but its rules are extremely complex. The information is so wide that it is not possible to compile all of them in single post. However, there are some basic craps rules that novice players need to learn before enjoying craps game.

As far the rules and guidelines are concerned, online craps are nowhere different from any other version. The only aspect which makes online craps different from other form of craps is that you enjoy this game in a virtual casino. There are several rules and strategy tips of online craps that will help you to win this game. Here we have discussed about some of the basic craps rules and strategies.

Craps Rules:
There are some rules which players should follow to play the game and win it which are listed below:

  1. Before playing, choose the bet which you want to make and then place the chips on your bet.
  1. It is essential for the shooter to place the minimum bet on the pass line or on the don’t pass line.
  1. The other players can also place a bet on the same time.
  1. When the game begins, the shooter will start the first roll which is known as ‘Come out roll’.
  1. A shooter will keep throwing the dice until they get a losing roll combination.
  1. There are some of the rolling combination in which the shooter will get to know about their wining or loosing combinations.
    a) If the dice outcome is 7 or 11, then the player who bet on pass line wins the bet but the player who bet on don’t pass will lose the round.
    b) If the dice outcome is 2,3 or 12, then the player who bet on pass line will lose and the player who bet on don’t pass will win the round.
  1. When the outcome of shooter rolls is 4, 5, 6, 8,9 or 10, then the rolled number will be known as a ‘point number’.
  1. Further, if the point number comes as an outcome of the player, then they don’t pass, better’s will lose and the pass betters will win that round. Or, in case, if the number 7 gets rolled then the pass betters will lose and the don’t pass betters will win the round.
  1. However, if once the shooter loses its turn, then the players will get change and the new player will replace the old shooter. And then all the players will again place minimum bet and start the process of the game again.

Craps Strategy and Tips:

  1. Craps is one of the most exciting games because of its complex betting system. The Craps game allows multiple players to bet on a single time, but it is always recommended that one should know roughly about their bet outcome from the game.
  1. There are variety of paying bets which will give you the best winning outcome, but when one starts playing online, then these craps bets can take you to some unwanted things which can confuse you.
  1. Try to play the free version before spending money. Grab that opportunity to play online casino for the beginners.
  1. Don’t expect that you will always win because it is a game of fortune. So, sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win a lot.
  1. While playing Craps online, it is important that you should know the difference between the good bets and bad bets.
  1. The difference between good and bad bat is this that, the house edge of ‘good bet’ is ‘1.41%’ and the house edge of ‘bad bet’ is ‘16.7%’.
  1. Thus, the best strategy to follow is: 1-3-2-6, this strategy means to play within small stakes. It will allow the players to follow the rules very strictly. And, this strategy will only allow you to survive in this game without losing huge amount of money.

Hence, by following above Tips and strategy for craps, players can expect to achieve positive results.

We hope that the above tips have been useful and we are glad to guide you to the world of online craps –  Stay connected and keep on reading our blog for more updated and exciting news and information from the world of online casinos.

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