Rizk Casino gives the Rizk Race an overhaul

Rizk Casino gives the Rizk Race an overhaul

The Rizk Race has been a staple at Rizk Casino since the beginning of the casino. Now it was time for an overhaul to make the races even more exciting and worthwhile.

More races, more prizes

Up until now a race would last an entire week. That meant there was one leader board and only a handful of players winning prizes each week. Now there are not only two main races every day, but every half hour a new race begins.

Main races:

  • 1st race – kicks off at 19:00 CET with a main prize of €500
  • 2nd race – kicks off at 21:00 CET with a main prize of €1,000

These races are held on specific slots, so you will have to play them accordingly. The half-hourly races that last 25 minutes each come with free spin, super spin or real cash prizes. Those can be played on just about any slot (except the classic 3-reel slots).

How to climb the leader board?

Simple: by collecting points. Join a race, play slots and collect points to climb the leader board. Each race has a minimum wager requirement, a minimum number of rounds to play and is either played on a specific slot or on all race games.

The points are counted according to a very fair point system:

  • Each win = 10 points
  • Three wins in a row = 50 points
  • Seven losses in a row = 50 points
  • Big wins (minimum 10x of the original bet) = 150 points

What else is important to know?

Races are found on the Rizk Race page, where you can see the current race, upcoming races and all details pertaining to each race. That includes the prizes available for each race as well. Handily you’re shown how much time remains on a race, so you’ll know whether it’s worthwhile to join or not.

Race games do not include table games, live casino games, 3-reel slots or video poker. Everything else is fine.

Finally, all prizes are wagering free, including free spin and super spin winnings.

Have fun and good luck racing those wins!

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