Online gambling in the Arab countries – A perspective

Online gambling in the Arab countries – A perspective

Gambling is frowned upon by the governments in the Arab countries but this doesn’t mean that people here don’t gamble. Like everywhere else in the world, gambling gives the Arab public the same thrills as it is associated with these betting activities. However, if one were to search for casinos in the Arab countries, they would be disappointed.

The fact that a growing number of people is now engaged in online gambling is because brick and mortar casinos cannot be found in most of the Arab countries. This is in line with the Holy Quran, which calls gambling as maisir, which can be roughly translated to “abhorrence, the work of Satan”.

Brick and mortar casinos in the Arab world

If one were looking to enjoy the ambience of the brick and mortar casinos, Israel is one country in the Arab world where they should be. Israel has more than 150 legal brick and mortar casinos where gamers are welcomed with open arms. There are, however, gambling laws in the country that one should adhere to. There are also various illegal casinos in the country and crackdowns happen every now and then. In terms of number of casinos, Lebanon occupies the second position in this region. Some of the other Arab countries also have casinos but in limited numbers. Saudi Arabia is one country where there are no state-sponsored casinos.

Online gambling in the Middle East

As far as online gambling is concerned, the Arab countries have far more players. Online gambling is simple as long as someone has is connected to the internet. Since gambling is still considered a taboo in the Middle Eastern society, online gambling allows one to play discretely. And there are people who don’t like the hustle and bustle of brick and mortar casinos and this mode of gambling allows them all the peace and quiet that they prefer.

In terms of the number of people who gamble online, Israel still rules the roost. Although Israel is located bang in the middle of the Arab world, their laws on gambling are not as stringent as in the rest of the region.

In many of the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, the government keeps blocking the online gambling sites. Many arrests have also been made in connection to gambling. Hence, people tend to think twice before they engage in this sport. The laws are much more relaxed in places like Dubai. The governments of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria have also been relaxed about online gambling. But we know the present political situation that has stifled recreation overall. But still, there are people who gamble online and have loads of fun.

Online gambling sites in the Arab world is one of the top online gambling sites and it operates out of Saudi Arabia. This site is GPWA approved and has a wide range of games for one to play. It also lets the users know about the best online casino sites worldwide and offers customer service in Arabic too.

Because players can maintain discretion when gambling online, the number of online gamblers in the Arab region is on a constant rise. Betting on sports events is the most popular activity but other casino games are catching up fast. If you are in the Middle East and love casino gaming, the options are numerous now.

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