Michael Malik and Brooke Garwood Malik – Two extremely successful business people

Michael Malik has been in his business for some amount of time now and has created a success story for himself. As a part- owner of the casino development group, BarWest Gaming, Michael Malik has made a name for himself in the gaming, sporting and entertainment industry. Most of his success has derived from his participation in the legalization of gambling, and promotion of gambling halls across America. Part of his entrepreneurial involvement in the gaming industry was focused on Native American gaming establishments.
Some of Michael Malik’s efforts include establishing the following gambling halls and casinos for Michigan’s Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee, and the Bay Mills Indian Community in Brimley as well as a proposed off-reservation casino in Port Huron. He has also developed casinos on the Hawaiian island of Wakikki and in the Town of Southampton on Long Island in New York.
Within Michigan, the state where MichaelMalikcurrently resides, Gateway Casino Resorts is begging to establish more casinos in the Detroit area. These new plans are spearheaded by Mr. Michael Malik and his business partner Marian Ilitch who both have created business plan geared toward success.
Michael Malik has recently been married to Brooke Garwood, male clothing designer. Now Brooke Garwood Malik, the designer has made her career as a successful and intelligent businesswoman. A brilliant woman, Brooke Garwood Malik graduated from Central Michigan University with a triple concentration in Marketing, Logistics and Advertising. Currently she is employed by men’s designer Paul Cicchini and has been working with him since 2001. Her clientele ranges from celebrities to athletes, which brings Brooke Garwood Malik back and forth between New York and Michigan.
The couple can be classified a dedicated pair, truly engaging in their respective occupations to best of their abilities. Both MichaelMalikand Brooke Garwood Malik are intelligent and driven people as proven by the work they have done and their range of accomplishments. Both are actively involved in the community between supporting various organizations as well as certain political parties. Specifically, Brooke Garwood Malik has taken an interest in several Michigan-based organizations such as, CARE House of Oakland County, Cranbrook Schools, and MOCAD, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

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