Mega Fortune Jackpot passed the 10.7 million euros and is awaiting for one lucky winner!

Mega Fortune Jackpot passed the 10.7 million euros and is awaiting for one lucky winner!

When we talk about Mega Fortune Jackpots we are used to speak about 3.3 million euros winners on average every quarter, but no one expected it to reach pass the 10M, but it has.. and it keeps growing. The Mega Fortune Jackpot on NordicBet (ToBet, TrioBet and Nordicbet) has reached a historical high of 10.7 million euro and will be won this week, according to all odds.

The bookmakers at NordicBet have put odds on when the Mega Fortune Jackpot will make lucky people winners, and predict it will happen before the end of the weekend.


In the past, Mega Fortuna jackpots have been won at around 3.3 million euro every quarter, but it has now grown to 10.7 million euro and hasn’t been won for over half a year. The finest NordicBet bookmakers estimate it will be won around 11 million latest on sunday, so we are all patiently and nerve-wrecking(ly)  look forward to cheer for one of us, the jackpots’ chasers.

Analytically speaking, a jackpot win before sunday gives odds 1.80, while payout after gives odds 1.90.

NordicBet also offer a series of other odds on the Mega Fortune Jackpot. In case you want to enjoy the anticipation but not by participating, you can bet on what day and time the jackpot will be won and if it’s a man or woman who will win.

The Odds claims: that the jackpot will be won by a man on Thursday between 21:00 and 23.59 CET. But we all know that there are way too many “against all odds” situations in life, so who knows, you might as well bet on you!

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