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Las Vegas USA Casino Review

Does it Hold Up in 2016?

It’s hardly a surprise that Las Vegas is the inspiration behind the name and/or aesthetic of many an online casino. Considering its history and reputation, Las Vegas is the quintessential gambling city. Online gambling, though, is testament to the fact that the famous ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ maxim is no longer true. Now, what happens in Vegas goes on the internet.

Las Vegas USA, too, has quite the history to speak of. Launched in 1999 and with a jurisdiction in Panama, this online casino has been going strong since the emergence of internet gambling in the 90s era.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas USA Casino looks like it never left the 90s. The yellow-on-blue style of the website is quite the eyesore, but the biggest problem is that the overall look, font and navigation of Las Vegas USA doesn’t seem to have ever got a facelift or amendment to look a little bit more modern and sleek.

To be honest, this shouldn’t be a measurement of the quality of the casino, as aesthetics shouldn’t really detract from more essential factors like gameplay, security, ease-of-use, and so on. For the most part, they don’t.

However, there are definitely moments where the more dated aspects of the casino become a bit of an annoyance. First of all, navigating through the game selection isn’t as smooth as it is at many more modern casinos. Furthermore, mobile users are sure to come across another point of irritation, as they need to send an email in order to claim bonuses, instead of it being a more automatic affair as it is on desktop.

The implication here is not that Las Vegas USA is a bad casino by any stretch of the imagination! On the contrary, there are tons of rewarding aspects here you’ll probably want to get your hands on. So without further ado, let’s get into those aspects in much more depth in this Las Vegas USA Casino review!

How Do You Get Started at Las Vegas USA Casino?

There are advantages of playing at a ‘Las Vegas USA’ casino that’s not actually in Las Vegas. Most of all, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket to start gambling! Las Vegas gives you the option of either downloading the casino software or making use of instant play.

Downloading is a straightforward affair, as is registering. You’re only going to have trouble if you’re from one of the countries that are exempted for playing at Las Vegas USA, namely Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and Russia.

For anyone eligible to sign up with the casino, do be aware that wagering is exclusively done in US dollars. However, it’s still very possible to make deposits in any other currency. Your deposits will then be exchanged to their dollar equivalent.

What Bonuses Can You Expect at Las Vegas USA Casino?

True to the Las Vegas spirit of exorbitance and winning big, Las Vegas USA is all about bonuses. They’re definitely the focal point of the casino, so anyone who is into online gambling with lots of perks will definitely be going to the right website here.

Many of the bonuses we’re about to discuss will require you to use special bonus coupon codes, which can only be used when making deposits of $20 or more.

One another thing you will need to keep in mind when claiming bonuses is that the wagering requirements vary quite a lot at Las Vegas USA, not only according to the bonus itself but what you’re using the bonus on. If you’re a regular member and use your bonus on video poker, you may be obliged to wager your bonus up to 90 times to claim winnings made from it.

If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can email the casino to have your bonus funds removed.

We’ve included as many of the bonuses as we can in this Las Vegas USA Casino review, though there are far too many to describe all in depth:

Take, for example, the max bonus offer which will allow you to earn up to $4000 – an offer that can be used multiple times, or the staggering 400% welcome bonus, which will allow you to learn up to a whopping $10,000 when using the code 400BONUS.

Las Vegas USA also has a special Sweet Season bonus offer set up in this spirit of summer:

SUMMER100: 100% Bonus up to $500

SUMMER150: 150% Bonus up to $750

SUMMER200: 200% Bonus up to $1000

However, there are also plenty of other more standard bonuses that you should always find available at the casino. One is the FREE CHIP 25 bonus, which you can redeem, once, using the code FREE25. Similar redeem-once bonuses are the 200% Double match bonus with the code CASHABLE, which puts no cap on how much you can win, and the 150% Blackjack Bonus (150BONUS).

The best kinds of bonuses, though, are the ones you can return to over and over, which is why we’re quite pleased with Las Vegas USA’s rather dandy reload bonuses, which you can redeem using the codes LVUSA200 and LVUSA250. The difference between these two is that the former has a maximum bonus amount of $1000, while the latter is a 250% up to $2500 bonus.

Now, if there’s one thing which seems to be quite clear, it’s that Las Vegas USA seems to be targeting players who are very comfortable betting high amounts. So, in a sense, many of these bonuses will be approved by the high-rolling community of gamblers. Just to be sure, though, the casino also has a high roller bonus set up, which is that of 300% up to $3000. This bonus can be accessed with the code LVUSA300.

There are honestly so many bonuses available that it’s a bit overwhelming, but not in an unpleasant way. Plus, if you’re so floored by these bonuses that you want to sign friends up to get the same deals, you’ll even get $20 refer-a-friend bonus.

Do the perks stop there? Surprisingly, no! Members who stick around at the casino will treat themselves to lots more, including a weekly promotion and a different bonus for every day of a week (that you’ll be able to redeem a number of times depending on the bonus).  We’re particularly fond of the Cashback Monday bonus, which will see you getting some amount from your deposits back!

What are the Payment Options available at Las Vegas USA Casino?

Making deposits and withdrawals at Las Vegas USA is a pretty standard affair.  You’ll find that different payment methods have different minimum deposit amounts, although you will have to deposit at least $20 to be eligible to use bonus codes. Plus, some will require to make even larger deposits than that. Using Money Order, for example, will require you to deposit at least $50.

Similarly, making withdrawals with Courier would require you to withdraw no less than $400, although Neteller will allow you to withdraw as little as $10.

There’s a huge plus with Las Vegas USA with regard to its payment options which is that none of them come with additional casino fees. On the downside, though, you won’t necessarily be able to make cash outs using the same method you use to make deposits. The methods you can use to deposit and withdraw are the following:

Deposit methods: VISA, MST Gift Cards, Neteller, Money Order
Withdrawal methods: Regular Mail, Courier, Ach Direct Deposit, Money Order

You might need to be a bit patient when making cash outs, as they can take up to two weeks to be fully processed. You might also be asked to provide documentation regarding your identity and the authenticity of the credit card used, if the casino deems this necessary.

Something you’ll need to keep in mind is that the maximum withdrawal amount that you’ll be able to make per week is $5000, and that’s only if you’re a platinum or diamond member. You’ll still be able to make larger payouts, but they will be given over in instalments.

By the way, all payouts must be made in US currency. That might be an annoyance for some, but exchanging shouldn’t be a huge hassle.

What are the Games like?

As you might expect from what has been said about Las Vegas USA so far, the games at this casino tend to have more of an old school streak. You won’t find too much in the way of flashy graphics and 3D animation. However, that’s not a bad thing. Just as some players prefer old Nintendo consoles to Playstation 4s, we’re convinced that there’s a market for players who like classic slots games over newer titles.

Las Vegas USA has a selection of 250 games. Some of you may be thinking that that number pales in comparison to most other casinos, and you’d be right. On the other hand, the quality of gaming shouldn’t really be about the quantity, should it? We’re much more concerned with whether there’s enough variety to please everyone in those 250 titles – and, unless you’re a diehard 3D slots fan, there is!

Before getting into the games themselves, we will say this: the games page at the casino is a bit perplexing. On one hand, the segregation between types of games is done really well. When choosing slots games, for example, you can choose whether you want to pay at 6-reel, 5-reel, 3-reel, progressive slots, and so on. On the other hand, navigating through the games themselves in-browser is quite the chore, as they’re not conventionally listed in a way that allows you to see multiple titles at once.

Yet, shifting through those games is worth it. Why? Because they have an average of 98.70%. Need we say more? It’s common for casinos to have payouts in the high 90s percentile, but Las Vegas USA has gone that little step further!

As for the games themselves, there’s a nice balance of table games and slots, with a small number of speciality games like Keno and Treasure Tree thrown in for good measure.

The slots are quite fun, if a little samey. We reckon that the type of people who will enjoy playing at the casino the most are those who want really solid representations of more classic games with more no-frill substance than flash, though.

What is Customer Care like at Las Vegas USA?

Las Vegas USA’s Customer Care service is commendable. It operates 24/7, so you’ll be able to have any issues or queries sorted whether you’re playing at the earliest hours of the day or the latest hours at night.

On the downside, the support team does not have an available telephone number, which is perhaps problematic if you prefer communicating vocally in such situations. However, we wouldn’t worry too much about this, as you do have the option to make use of the casino’s email address, support@lasvegasusa.eu,  or instead make use of the live chat function for more immediate matters.

Should You Sign Up with Las Vegas USA Casino?

As always, we think it’s essential that you check out a casino yourself before deciding whether it’s adequate for your needs or not. We think that there are plenty of redeeming features that would make signing up with this casino worth it. Specifically, if you’re a high roller, there is very little doubt that you would benefit from the myriad bonus offers available.

Arguably, more casual players will find the relatively high wagering requirements cumbersome, but because these requirements decrease as you go up the VIP ladder, big betters should do very well.

Big bonuses aside, we will admit that we did not quite fall in love with Las Vegas USA. A casino running since 1999 is certainly nothing to scoff at, but we’re disappointed that the casino still feels like its stuck in that year. The design is dated, and the game selection doesn’t exactly compete with what many more modern casinos are offering.

We’re loath to say the casino is a bad one, though, because it clearly is not. We just wish that Las Vegas USA would take a nice long look at a calendar, and update itself accordingly. Get a more attractive design, expand its game selection, make the navigation a bit more user-friendly, and expand on other features like payment options.

Don’t let that opinion discourage you if you’re more of an old school gambler though. Perhaps you’re into less flashy graphics and such. If that’s the case, Las Vegas USA might be perfect for you!