How to find your lucky days in the Chinese almanac and improve your gambling luck!

How to find your lucky days in the Chinese almanac and improve your gambling luck!

Many people, even if they are not believers in feng shui or Chinese astrology, will make sure important events such as their wedding fall on an auspicious date. Even people who usually scoff at such ‘superstitions’ will shut up and play it safe when it comes to events for which every little bit of luck counts.

So it seems logical that gamblers (I refer to recreational gamblers here as professional gamblers probably don’t have as much leeway to pick and choose dates) should be mindful of the dates on which they choose to gamble, because gamblers of all people should realise the importance of luck–particularly windfall luck!

I, Lady HengHeng, am currently studying the art of bazi (most commonly understood as the eight characters derived from a person’s date and time of birth in Chinese fortune telling), so perhaps one day I will be able to teach you how to calculate your lucky days according to your own personal bazi.

However, let’s face it, most people aren’t going to agonize over bazi calculations when all they want to know is if they will have good luck in mahjong tonight.

I discovered this wonderful online version of the Chinese almanac (tong shu) that gives you an easy (though general and therefore not deadly accurate) way to gauge your luck for the day.

Simply check the forecast for your Chinese zodiac sign under the heading “Horoscope Forecast for the Day”. Hover the mouse over your sign for additional tips.

Now, obviously because this prediction is based only on your year of birth and not your exact date and time of birth, it’s going to be rather general.

Furthermore, luck moves in various cycles. There are 10-yearly, yearly, monthly, and even hourly cycles. So just because your zodiac sign’s forecast is good for a particular day doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be a lucky day for you because you may be going through a bad month, year, etc.

To complicate things further, there are various species of luck such as wealth luck, relationship luck, mentor luck, etc. The type of luck most recreational gamblers are hoping for is windfall luck or gambling luck, which may result in a sudden and unexpected flow of cash. Days which bring good luck in certain areas may still lack gambling luck.

However, I’ve observed that the daily horoscopes can give some indication of general luck on a micro level, and that this does sometimes seem to coincide with windfall luck. For example, there was a lunar month earlier this year when I had exceptional gambling luck–I went to the casino about eight times and won money every time. I had good luck in other areas too and even received three responses to job applications I had sent out earlier when the previous month nobody had responded.

Now, of these eight days I went to the casino, some spelled good luck for my zodiac sign according to the almanac, while some were only average. However, on the good days I tended to win more money. Also, there were two instances when my good luck coincided with days that were very auspicious overall. On these days, I had incredibly good gambling luck! The other people at my blackjack table were amazed and many people even started betting on my square.

However, some lunar months are worse overall and it’s hard to win money even on a supposedly lucky day. If you know your gambling luck is down, it may be time to take a break. If you persist for recreational or social reasons, reduce your bet sizes and consider the losses costs of entertainment, or try to go on days that are relatively luckier for you according to the almanac.

If you are especially keen on maximizing your gambling luck, you may want to consider playing during auspicious hours. The online almanac sets these out in a nice table.

Sorry to nag, but please remember, there are many other factors that can affect a person’s gambling luck such as the fengshui of their house and their knowledge of the games they are playing. Still, it’s nice to know when you have that little extra.

Have fun gambling! Don’t go overboard okay?

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