How casino games came into being?

How casino games came into being?
There is a saying that goes that ‘necessity is the mother of creation’ which is also true when you are talking about casino games.  Some games were created during the ancient times due to boredom.  People wanted to find other ways of recreation aside from the usual things that they find to be interesting just to have a momentary respite from the everyday humdrums of their lives.  The dice was carved out of bones because of this need to entertain.
Imagine a deck of cards and think of a hundred and one ways on how you would entertain yourself.  This was how casino games came into being.  It started with a drive to continuously entertain and the imagination to feed that drive.
Have you ever wondered how casino games came into being?  There are several answers to that query.  One maybe the evolution of the game, think of slot machines, before it was made of three reels only and pulled using a lever.  It was a great invention, and then developers found a way to make the gaming device more challenging by adding two more reels in the original slot machine.  Winning in a game of slots is as complex as sitting in a round table while playing blackjack and poker.
Casino games also came about because of the decision of casino owners to better their services to attract more customers and to keep their patrons from coming back.  Owners will warrant the services of game developers and will have a closed door meeting of what is in especially in the world of gambling to make their casinos the best gaming place.  They would want their customers to be interested and entertained.
Another reason is practicality, online casino games were created because developers wanted to reach out to a huge number of individuals.  They thought that not everyone can travel and visit mortar and brick casinos, but almost everyone can have access to a computer so they made it a point that the well loved casino games are also available in the comforts of your own homes. 
Casino games keep on evolving because of the need of people to be entertained.  Sometimes developers twist the rules or add other dimensions to an existing game.  Sometimes, due to the radical imagination of developers, they even combine one game from the other and the results are astoundingly great because there will still be people who will play such games.

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