Happy mistakes

Happy mistakes

Yesterday, I popped by Crown Casino in between running some errands and played $10 blackjack for 5 minutes. Only had $70 on me so I figured I would leave if I lost it all.

Won $52 in 5 minutes. Yay! Small sum but very satisfying for a couple minute’s diversion.

You know how some people believe certain mistakes are meant to be when it comes to gambling? Like striking 4D because you misread a license plate or flat unit number.

That seems to have been the case here. When I changed $70, the dealer asked if I wanted $20 in $2.50 chips. Now, usually they only give $5 or $25 chips because people normally only use the $2.50 chips to bet on perfect pairs. I seldom, almost never, bet on perfect pairs.

However, I misheard the dealer and thought he was just asking if I wanted $5 chips so I said yes, and ended up with $20 worth of yellow $2.50 chips and $50 worth of red $5 chips.

Not wanting to make noise, I decided to bet on perfect pairs even though I don’t usually do that, just because I had the $2.50 chips. Many people bet on all the players at the table when playing perfect pairs because it’s annoying if a player you don’t bet on gets a pair. However, because I only had $20 worth of $2.50 chips, I only bet on myself, $2.50 each time.

On the second hand, I got a mixed pair of kings (different suit and colour). This pays 6 to 1.

On the fourth hand, I got perfect pairs! Two 4s of hearts. Perfect pairs pay 25 to 1, so I got $70 for that $2.50 bet.

Played a few more rounds and then left to run my errands.

Speaking of happy mistakes, this reminds of another time a couple of months back when I played rapid roulette (the croupier stands in the centre spinning the wheel and everyone selects numbers on their own touch screens; you only have something like 25 seconds I think to place bets on each round) at Crown Casino. I was placing 1 bet on 6 individual numbers each time.

Either the touch screen didn’t work too well or my fingers were clumsy; on one round instead of placing one bet on 0 I accidentally placed three. I frantically tried to correct my mistake but ran out of time. I cursed silently as the croupier set the ball in motion.

Of course, the ball landed on zero and I went home very happy.

Seems that when your gambling luck is up, even mistakes work in your favour.

By the way, if you’re wondering why Lady HengHeng has been hanging out at Crown Casino so much recently, I will be stationed in Melbourne for a few months, so you can expect a review of Crown Casino very soon.

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