Come and enjoy the game of gambling without the loss of money at Cassinera

Cassinera, Brazil’s leading casino games and event organizers, wishes to provide the ultimate fun and gambling experience to its customers without the loss of money. Established in 2008, it has now become a part of many evento corporativo (corporate events) and festas temáticas (themed parties) in Brazil. It provides the fun and excitement of the world’s largest casinos around the world.

Cassinera is known to give life to boring and dull parties and make all people undergo different experiences throughout the event. With its presence in Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina, the Cassinera has a structure capable of performing events throughout Brazil. It also assures of fulfilling any kind of demand, with 40 tables of traditional games found in casinos throughout the world. The team of Cassinera consists of 65 blackjack professionals who ensure the atmosphere of suspense and fun needed for a night of gambling. The various options for games at Cassinera are poker, mesa de blackjack, mesa de roleta, craps e bacará.

The Cassinera professionals work uniform and follow the international standards of transparency in the game. They do not allow the assignment of monetary values to any games by the players. Hence they assure a night filled with fun and pleasure without any loss. Get the magic of the world largest casino games and gambling experience with Cassinera.

Cassinera also provide instructors for those who do not know how to play the games, so that even they can also participate and enjoy themselves. To provide better experience to its customers, they gather all the information so that all the invitees can get involved and can enjoy themselves al through the night. The Cassinera even takes care of the entire transport and assembly of the tables, a concern less to the organization of your event.

To make them a part of your event and to give your invitees a night filled with enjoyment and fun, visit

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