China Sends Online Casino Operators to Prison

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Twenty people were given prison sentences today in China for having owned and run online casino gambling sites. A court in Shanghai dished out sentences from one to six years for running an online site that took sports gambling wagers during the World Cup of soccer.

The leaders of the ring opened accounts on international gambling and UK casino sites, and then developed a network that ran through their accounts. Qian Baochun, considered the leader of the gambling operation, was given six years in prison and a fine of $735,000.

Estimates are that the three organizers earned about $250,000 over the year or so from the spring of 2006 until July of 2007. Bets handled by the syndicate amounted to almost a billion dollars.

Other suspects had helped recruit gamblers, ran the operation on a daily basis, and received commission on profits. Even after paying the edge to the existing casinos websites, the Chinese conspirators were able to realize strong profits.

A spokesman for the court in Shanghai noted the case as China’s most notable involving online gambling, and added it marked a continuing of a policy not to tolerate Internet gambling along with other basic human rights.


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