Buy your own roulette wheel

Buy your own roulette wheel
There is a games shop at Royal Arcade in Melbourne, close to where I live. The other day I was walking past when I realised there was a roulette wheel in the window! I don’t know anyone else who has actually tried to buy their own roulette wheel, but this one looks nice man!
For A$200, it is actually quite cheap considering it looks rather real. Obviously it is nowhere near as big as roulette wheels at the casino. Its circumference is about 30 to 40 cm. The Crown Casino gift shop sells a similar roulette wheel for a few hundred more.
If this thing was a fraction of the price/I didn’t have a ton of stuff to ship back/I actually had more than 5 relatives in Singapore, I would buy this and make a killing during Chinese New Year!
The shop also has mahjong sets. I didn’t check how much they were as the shop was closed but they are obviously overpriced judging from the fancy pseudo-oriental packaging and the fact that it’s an Asian commodity in a Western country.

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