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Bet Online Casino Review

Right off the bat, we will tell you that this BetOnline Casino review is going to be positive, so it is only with semi-seriousness that we say that the casino’s name gives an initial underwhelming impression. ‘BetOnline’ must be one of the most generic casino names around, and the ‘Because You Can’ slogan doesn’t really help. BetOnline, Because You Can. You can see why it’s not necessarily very gripping.

We’re more than happy to overlook this, though, for two main reasons. The first of these is that BetOnline has been around since 2001, and during those days such a name might have carried a different sort of impression. The second, and more important reason, is that the name actually needs to be somewhat general because BetOnline, commendably, covers a whole lot of ground in the gambling world.

You see, this is more than a standard casino. It’s not even just a casino and sportsbook, although a sportsbook is here (with live betting options) and is sure to delight fans of football, golf, American football, basketball, and so on. BetOnline also hosts a racebook so you can bet on your favourite horses!

It’s definitely not just a one-trick pony, then.

In addition to this, you can even bet on the performance of currencies and stocks. The website has also been known to host wagers on events relating to entertainment and politics. Basically, it is undoubtedly a one stop shop for all your betting needs, and we do mean all of them. In light of this, BetOnline really is the most apt name that could have been used here.

This BetOnline Casino review will mostly be oriented towards the casino side of things, of course, and we’ll go into all the features you expect, including the quality of games, customer services, payment options, bonuses, and more. However, we must applaud BetOnline for the sheer magnitude of its operation in all sections of the website.

As is the case with new casinos you might come across, it is easy to be wary, but BetOnline’s credentials and reputation speak for themselves. The casino has a gaming license in Curaçao and utilises the same quality of safety, security, and fairness-guaranteeing software that you’ve come to expect from top casinos everywhere.

How Do You Get Started at BetOnline Casino?

Like with most online casinos nowadays, getting started at BetOnline is pretty straightforward. The software, which is exclusively available in English, does not have to be downloaded, so if you’re the kind of gambler who likes to keep things in your browser, you do have that option.

Plus, as we’ll get into in a bit more depth later on, the website has been optimised to work on all desktop computers, tablets, and mobiles, so you can get started literally anywhere!

Let’s talk about actually signing up, though. All you need to do is press ‘click to join’ near the top of the homepage, and fill in the required details. You will not instantly put in a casino bonus code. In fact, you will have to indicate whether you want deposit bonuses at all, as BetOnline gives you the option of abstaining from them.

Speaking about signing up, there’s something very interesting here that we think is worth mentioning. We’re sure you must know that due to gambling restrictions, casinos sometimes cannot offer membership to people from certain countries. Well, that’s not the case here! Everyone can sign up as long as they are of the legal gambling age.

What Are the Bonuses at BetOnline Casino Like?

BetOnline Casino is one of those casinos where the list of bonuses and overall promotions is so vast that trying to figure them all out can be a bit daunting. Still, we think it’s better to have too many than too little.

What might also be a bit complicated for some is the fact that when it comes to deposit bonuses, you won’t automatically be eligible for them. You will rather first have to make a request by email with your account number and a few other details to freeplay@betonline.ag. However, you will then still need to enter the appropriate promo codes when making deposits, which will be assessed and approved within 24 hours of depositing.

Once you get wind of how things work, it’s not that complicated, nor is it very different to your average casino. As for the bonuses themselves, we reckon they’re pretty good!

Take, for example, the welcome first deposit bonus, which is a pretty generous 50% up to $2500. You need to deposit at least $50 to access this, and cannot make your payment via Book-to-Book, which of course not everyone will be happy about. What we’re impressed with, though, is that the wagering requirement is a very reasonable x10. You’ll have to use the promo code NFL16 for this, which might make you correctly guess that this bonus is for your sports betting bankroll.

Sure, this might a BetOnline casino review – emphasis on ‘casino’, but it’s still handy to know what bonuses are being offered for other sections of the website, although we won’t go into all of these. Another good one for sports fans is the 50% Kickoff Reload, which is a 50% bonus up to $1000 on every reload deposit. For this, you’ll need to use the code KICKOFF16.

Let’s get into the more casino-based bonuses, though, as that’s sure to attract more people reading this review. One of the most prominent ones is the 100% Slots bonus, which you can get for depositing $100 or more and when using the code SLOTS100. This bonus is capped at $1000.

Casino users will also get a 25% Reload bonus on any deposit when using the code CASINO25, as well as a 10% rebate on their losses when losing $100 or more (although you will have to email casino@BetOnline.ag).

There’s also a Monthly High Roller Bonus for those of you who are really into wagering generously, but it’s not exactly easy to qualify for it – to be precise, you will need to have at least $75, 000 in your account.

Lots of the bonuses are more manageable overall, though. Take, for example, the Refer-A-Friend bonus. Do you have friends? Well, if you do (and we reckon you do), you will get $100 free play for every one you get hooked on BetOnline. What about a mobile – do you have one of those? If you do, you can get $50 free play for making your first mobile sports bet!

We also recommend checking out the plentiful tournaments and cash races set up. These are usually temporary, but do get offered quite regularly in different iterations. Currently there’s a BetSet group of tournament games that can see you winning several thousands of dollars.

What are the Payment Options Available at BetOnline Casino?

The payment methods a casino has available can make or break your overall experience at a casino. It doesn’t matter how good the games and other features are if getting money into your account is a hassle.

Thankfully, it is pretty much plain sailing here, and BetOnline Casino gives you a lot of closure by showing you both your pending wagers as well as your Freeplay Balance. Do be informed that BetOnline only accepts currency in US Dollar ($).

However, as is standard with quite a few casinos, to make your life easier with payment options you’ll have to verify your identity, and there’s a list of items you’ll be asked to present, namely a copy of your ID, utility bill, and copies of the front and back of any cards you use with your account. Once you get approval after doing this, your deposit and withdrawal limits will increase.

We’re especially impressed with the extensive list of deposit and withdrawal methods available to use at the casino. Here they are listed below:

Deposit methods: Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Person to person, Money Orders, Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book, Bank Wire, Cheque, Diners Card, JCB

Withdrawal methods: Bitcoin, Person to Person, Bank Wire, Cheque by Mail, Cheque by Courier, ATM Only Card, Skrill, Neteller, Book to Book

It is important to keep in mind that different payment and payout methods come with different limits. Skrill, for example, is the most versatile deposit method here, as it allows you to deposit as low as $10, and as high as you like. Depositing by cheque, on the other hand, comes with a minimum amount of $1500. However, going on the casino’s banking page will let you see which method suits your needs best.

What are the Games like?

BetOnline Casino’s game selection isn’t the largest, but we must admit it is somewhat unique in comparison to a lot of other casinos. The software is provided by Betsoft and DGS, while the live casino software is provided by Live Dealer HD.

One thing we really appreciated is that every single game provided by the casino has a rather detailed description custom provided by BetOnline itself, going into the background of the game and what features to look out for. It makes selecting your favourites a lot easier.

Speaking of favourites, one thing we noticed is that most of the games in the ‘favourites’ section are actually poker and table games. This casino isn’t all about providing a barrage of slots games like many modern ones are, and it is definitely a breath of fresh air for anyone more interested in the classic casino experience.

In fact, when we checked out the table games and poker sections in more depth, we were pleasantly surprised. There are lots of cool, exciting varieties, including Caribbean Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Pirate 21, 21 Burn, and more.

Now, that does not necessarily mean that slots games are given the short end of the stick here. While the selection here isn’t huge, there’s a good mix of both 3D and classic slots, which are divided for your convenience by the number of reels per game. Some of our favourites which we tried out for this BetOnline Casino review included:


  • Ghouls Cold, which includes a really nifty bonus game that requires you to catch ghosts by clicking on them as they fly onscreen.


  • Who Spun It?, which is a particularly clever mystery-themed slots that does actually require you to solve a mystery, picking up clue points as you spin through the reels as well as piecing the puzzle together in bonus rounds.


  • The Curious Machine, a 5 reel, 30 payline game that will have you travelling through time with its great graphics and bonus features.


  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, which offers a new twist on a much loved classic.


Casino members who are also into slightly more alternative games can try their hand at bingo and keno.

However, BetOnline takes alternative games to a whole new level with their ‘Skill Games’ section, which gives you access to games you’d never normally think of playing at a casino, such as Dominoes, Yahtzee, Gin Rummy, Spades, and Tonk!  Please note, these are not slots games themed on these classics – these are the actual games! That’s we call innovative!

What is The Customer Care like at BetOnline Casino?

The casino’s customer care team operates all day, every day, making it easy for you to get your queries sorted as efficiently as possible. We can confirm that the team is knowledgeable and well-coordinated. We contacted the casino with a number of issues that we made up for this BetOnline Casino Review. These were resolved quickly in all cases.

The casino’s telephone number is 1-888-426-3661. However, if you’re more into emailing (and let’s face it, sending emails can be a lot more convenient), there are a number of email accounts set up at the casino that you should choose to contact according to your needs. Here they are below:

General: casino@betonline.ag

Poker: poker@BetOnline.ag

Skill Games: skillgames@BetOnline.ag

Free Play:freeplay@BetOnline.ag

How Good is BetOnline’s Mobile Casino?

You can bet online, but can you bet online from your portable device? You sure can! Although there is no downloadable app per se, you can log into the website from any smartphone, including iPhones, Blackberries, and Android phones. That, of course, includes tablet devices too. You can either go straight to mobile.BetOnline.ag, or just use the regular BetOnline.ag domain, as this will still automatically direct you to the mobile version.

For added efficiency (depending on where you are), you can go straight to the website on your phone by scanning a QR code that is available on the desktop website!

The advantages of using BetOnline Mobile should be obvious – it is usable anywhere, so you’re not bound to your PC. More than that, though, the casino guarantees a really fast experience, and we must admit that we couldn’t pick up on any lagging.

Should You Sign Up with BetOnline Casino?

There is no doubt in our minds that BetOnline Casino is offering a really solid betting experience, and that’s true for the casino portion of the website too. Should you become a member, though?

Honestly, the answer to that question depends on what kind of gambler you are, because we don’t have any real complaints with the quality here. Are you dead-set on using the casino facilities, and strictly the casino facilities? If so, you might want to check out a few other options before settling on BetOnline.

The casino isn’t bad at all – as we said, we loved the games, but the selection just might not be up to par for someone who has no interest in venturing beyond casino games. That’s a pity, because that’s the only real shortcoming here, but it might be a deal breaker, especially if you’re a hardcore slots enthusiast.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a versatile betting experience, BetOnline really does have the whole package, and we don’t mean that lightly! We’re happy with the quality of the bonuses, customer care team, usability on mobile, and pretty much everything else.

So, does BetOnline deliver the expectation their name suggests? Yes, absolutely.