A Short Tight-Aggressive Players Strategy

A Short Tight-Aggressive Players Strategy

As in the previous example, you hope for a showdown that is cheaper than if you’d check in and embeds a player with better hands half the pot. If the button K ♥-Q ♥ on their hands, and everyone checks him out, you can be sure that his bet will be greater than ¼ of the pot. However, if you apply a blocking bet, it is likely that only the button calls, for fear of the nut flush.

Now that we’ve looked at some situations, I would like to once again discuss some exceptions. As with all poker game features, you can not use the blocking bet every time. It makes little sense to apply a blocking bet when you’re dealing with a player who elects to call everything anyway (calling station). In such a case, you should try to get as much money as possible from him.

Just as it makes little sense to apply such move against a very passive player. It is very unlikely that this player is bluffing on the river or large your bed. If you think you’re lying back, easy check.

Another player would waste type to which I am not the blocking bet is a weak tight player. This player is often as much afraid of the flush card on the river as you attempt to bluff him, either from or to cancel a pot, because that player will only embed if he has the flush.

On the other hand we have the loose-aggressive player who is exploited by all means a sign of weakness on the River. If you have a good hand, that player is a good candidate for a check-raise.

Last but not least is the tight-aggressive player, a good candidate for this move. A check for this player could be a sign that you are not satisfied with your hand, and this can lead to a value bet, which is greater than what you would have otherwise paid for the showdown. As I said, the sense of blocking bets is to lose less money than when you first check, and then the bet are calling your opponent. How is the loose-aggressive player, even the tight-aggressive players are trying to push you out of the pot, if you check, on the River.

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