5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 4 or 5): Failing to circulate the casino

5 reasons people lose money at casinos (Part 4 or 5): Failing to circulate the casino
(This is the fourth in a five-part series on reasons people lose money at casinos.)
I can’t understand some casino gamblers. We’ve all seen the player who hits a losing streak, but keeps on tossing hundred dollar bill after hundred dollar bill–all onto the same table. If you’ve been consistently losing at a particular table, there is either something wrong with the game at that table, or there is something wrong with your luck. Either way, you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by remaining at that table.
Some tables will forever suck
Sometimes the cards just suck and won’t get better. Blackjack card counters may tell you that the count fluctuates throughout a game and a mediocre game can get better. Yes, in some cases it can. But card clumping can ensure that the entire shoe will be crappy to play throughout (it means all the favourable cards–face cards, are clumped together so you don’t see them much throughout the shoe). This is a controversial concept and some critics will shoot it down. Personally, I do believe in it from my own observations. There are some blackjack decks that let all the players at the table win throughout the shoe, and there are some where everyone loses consistently.
With roulette, success sometimes is dependent on the croupier since they can control their spin and influence where the ball will land, to a certain extent (more on that here.) This means if you have a particularly sly croupier, you’ll find your money spinning away along with the wheel. Sure, if you’re the type who’s hungry for revenge you can try to outwit and outsmart the croupier. But you’ll never outlast him cos you lose money, he just stands there.
Just beat it
Like most men, some tables will never change just because you want them to. So don’t pay rent for the seat you’re warming. If you’re losing money, move on to a different table or another game. I’ve covered the need to circulate the casino in more detail here.
The Long Jie cruise only has two blackjack tables on the main floor and it’s usually crowded. Two tables only how to circulate! you might ask. Believe it, it can be done. I’ve spent hours just going back and forth between the two tables (will force myself to leave if I lose 3 hands in a row–takes discipline) until I hit a winning streak on one. Then I’ll stay and ride the wave for as long as I can.
Lousy tables are like abusive spouses and shitty jobs. Leave ’em, they ain’t worth it.

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